Steering Committee - Membership Guidelines

Utah Diversity Connections is a group of employers in Utah who came together in Spring of 2008 to form a coalition to assist Utah businesses in building diverse workforces and diverse employees in seeking supportive employers. This coalition identifies and produces resources for both employers and employees, helps promote the “business case” for a diverse workforce, and recognizes employers that have built a diverse workforce through the Utah Diversity Awards presented annually in conjunction with the Salt Lake chapter of SHRM.

Our Definition of Diversity
Diversity is embracing and appreciating the characteristics that make individuals unique. Examples of these characteristics include but are not limited to: race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, and sexual orientation.

Our Mission
Provide connections and resources to employers seeking diverse workforces and diverse employees seeking supportive employers.


      • Workshops – 3 annually
      • Annual Diversity Awards Luncheon – June


      • Monthly – 4th Wednesday, 3-5pm
      • Subcommittee – TBD by subcommittee members


Expectations of Members

      • Membership term – 2 plus years
      • Attend at least 60% of the meetings  

If you miss a meeting you are responsible to

      • Read Minutes and be up to speed on new actions
      • Follow-up with any assignments
      • Assist at a minimum 2 events
      • Participate in a subcommittee
      • Confirmation/endorsement from Employer to participate and provide resources to UDC

Benefits of Membership

      • A current steering committee member will be assigned to you to be a resource to you
      • Voting privilege
      • Opportunity to network and learn “Best Practices” from other segments of the community